Yoga Practitioner & Movement Artist

“I started dancing from an early age, and I was always fascinated with movement. In my teen years, I began studying contemporary dance to a professional level at one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the UK. However, as my training schedule and pressure from teachers and parents increased, I realised I was really struggling to keep up. I had an imbalance of flexibility to strength which was affecting my dancing, and I started to wonder if I would ever have the mental stamina I needed for the industry.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga from one of my teachers at the school, that finally everything started falling into place. Suddenly, my whole world opened up. I began noticing my breath. Life began to flow. Each experience became an opportunity to learn and grow. Yoga was the tool for me to balance my body, to unite every aspect of my practice as an artist, to bring everything together to work in harmony; body, mind, and spirit.

I went on to study and obtain my 200-hr Ashtanga Yoga teacher training certification whilst living in Barcelona, Spain. Since then, I have been teaching regular classes with a variety of studios and companies as well as organising my own workshops and mini-retreats. I continue to integrate my daily yoga practice as part of my life and work as a movement and visual artist.

I am grateful to have discovered this ancient, beautiful art-form - a tool that has transformed me as an artist and a person. My goal is to be a channel for the yoga, to share what I have learnt, to heal and help others along their journey of life.”

(Available for group, private, retreats, events, workshops, collaborations, festivals, corporate events, and more.)

Teaching resume & experience

Hotpod Yoga

Feel Good Festival

Somerset County Cricket Team

The Sangha House

Business Yoga

As well as various workshops, private 1-2-1 classes, and more.


“Can’t stop smiling after today’s dynamic class with Imogen. I’m getting stronger everyday!”

“Really enjoyed my three recent classes with the very talented Imogen.”

“Just a great way to escape to and find an oasis of calm. A first class teacher and really knows how to make you sweat.”

“Amazing instructor who explains everything so clearly and has a very relaxing and calm approach. Made me feel so welcomed.”

“My second session of yoga & have to say I feel amazing. Imogen is a great instructor!

(Polaroid photography by Solene Milcent)