SIX + Voices For Identity


An introduction to my current series, SIX. Partnering with Voices For Identity for their new project The Walls We Built. Upcoming installations, panel discussions, and workshops in Kigali, Berlin and Hildesheim, July-September 2019...

“My name is Imogen Mansfield and I am a movement & visual artist – working, creating, and living throughout Europe. I am really excited to be partnering with Voices For Identity for their new project The Walls We Built’.

I am presenting a current series of mine, titled SIX, which is a screendance series of six portraits of female artists, released periodically during the year of 2019. Each part unites film, photography, spoken word, and design, and is created in a different place in the world. Through this series we capture the essence of the inner divine feminine, stripped back to her purest form, discovering the elegant energy of the female, and recognising our diversity.

I began this project as a way to explore some of the new emerging ideas in regard to gender and femininity, especially within my own generation and how we are radically changing the world and its systems and ideals. But think it can be a really confusing and sort aggressive situation sometimes and so I just wanted to strip everything back to a very raw, vulnerable, and kind of cosy place, where we could maybe begin to unravel and challenge some of these issues that we are living through right now, but in a very subtle and delicate way.

Throughout the project, I collaborate with a lot of different artists including dancers, photographers, musicians, writers, costumes designers, and illustrators, and my goal with this project is to really unite many different types of art work and bring it altogether for a really immersive experience.

I’m really happy to be sharing my work with you, and I hope you can take something from it. Thank you.”

Imogen Mansfield