SIX Part II: Marley

SIX Part II: Marley

Los Angeles, California

April 2019

Concept & camera: Imogen Mansfield

Muse: Marley Frank

Illustration: Katrīna Eglīte

Words & voice: Marley Frank

Soundscape: Adam Clarke


SIX is a screen-dance series of six portraits of female identifying artists, released every second month during the year of 2019. Each portrait includes a short film and series of photographs, a written piece, as well as one other element offered from an external collaborative artist. Each portrait is created in a different place in the world, capturing the essence of the inner divine feminine, stripped back to her purest form. Through this collection of portraits, we discover the energy of the female, and recognise our diversity.


It came to me in a dream that I met my hands as those of another

My hands

Your hands

Our hands

And it made me wonder

Where do we live when our body feels that of other?

With the twist of palm and clench of knuckle

We pull weeds

Let our thoughts be free to shed their skin and undress

We birthed a crescent moon

Clasped our delicate bones flexed

With everything we touch

Do we feel?

Our hands that touch the type the click the ping

With them do we place upon our crown a song to sing?

Do we feed yourself with sweet words?

And your hands? When you reach between your legs, are they clean?

My hands

Your hands

Our hands

Fingernails like petals of a desert rose

Don’t blow away

What do we know of these things that we touch, that we hold, that we feel about this way

Stretch and shake pull and question and play

My hands

Your hands

Our hands

Have so much to say