SIX Part I: Sophia

SIX Part I: Sophia

Vienna, Austria

February 2019

Concept & camera: Imogen Mansfield

Muse: Sophia Hörmann

Illustration: Katrīna Eglīte

Words & voice: Silvia Bedin


SIX is a screen-dance series of six portraits of female identifying artists, released every second month during the year of 2019. Each portrait includes a short film and series of photographs, a written piece, as well as one other element offered from an external collaborative artist. Each portrait is created in a different place in the world, capturing the essence of the inner divine feminine, stripped back to her purest form. Through this collection of portraits, we discover the energy of the female, and recognise our diversity.


being a woman is a gift

it is the gift of being subtle & strong

the giver of life & the taker of it

the creator & the destroyer

I can be a scared deer in a moment & a fierce lioness the next

I’m a shape shifter

& you could try to pin me down if you wanted but why would you

you would miss out on all the majesty you would be able to see if you just sat down and observed me joyfully be all that I can be


with no limits

& so I will flow like the rivers & I will change like the seasons & I will shed my skin & rebuild myself from scratch

embracing it all

all the pain

all the change

but I will have no fear because I know that as I dance life dances with me

and I know that as I die I will be born again



and wiser

once again