SIX Part IV: Margherita


London, England

August 2019

Concept & camera: Imogen Mansfield

Muse and voice: Margherita Barbieri

Clothing: Beatrice Von Treskow Designs

Script: Imogen Mansfield with Marley Frank & Silvia Bedin

Music: Chinese Lullaby by Abbas Premjee

Title Illustration: Katrina Eglite

Published and premiere: Curated By Girls

Publication and interview: 5.18 Magazine


SIX is a screendance series of six portraits of female artists, released periodically during the year of 2019. Each part unites film, photography, spoken word, and design, and is created in a different place in the world. Through this series we capture the essence of the inner divine feminine, stripped back to her purest form, discovering the elegant energy of the female, and recognising our diversity.

In Part IV, we meet Margherita, lounging within a luxurious, sensual world of colour and ornamentation. Featuring clothing by Beatrice Von Treskow, in this quirky and playful piece created in London, England. With influences from a variety of radiant cultures that play into the lives of the muse, and of director, Imogen Mansfield.

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To the beginning from the middle somewhere in between a new end

The fire sparks in warmth to your mind to open

It is the thing I can guide and be guided by

To dance and to savour the smallest moments

To allow it to tell my story

Of memories, of elements, of reasons why 

And yet 

We are told to be small 

To be quiet 

And yet 

We are not 


And this is that middle, somewhere in between

The sky in this place that I fly to tastes of sweetness 

The fire, continuing in warmth for your eyes to open

Bright, rising

The breath of the Dragon shining down on this place

A crane’s neck peeks through the echoing wombs of the fecund forests 

And a scorpion’s sting pierces through the petals of our withering rose

And yet

Here we are

In the middle, somewhere in between


Enjoying the modern laughs and the wise nuanced smiles of the centurions

All of the colours, the energy, the joy, the courage of this world and her wild creatures

I am leaning towards the colours of pink and red, glowing from within not afraid of the bold and playful complement of sticky tangerine juice swirling down my wrist, or the slip of kelp beneath the iris of eyes, in between the new end

And yet

We are told to be small

To be quiet

And yet

We are not


Sweet fruits of gold, the moon, full and bright and burning in my outstretched palms

TIngling on my lips, like a song through the storm clouds towards that breath of which I hear so strongly

And yet

I thank the raindrops for their tireless fall, for cleansing me, and these are the thoughts I’m thinking before I go to bed.

Imogen Mansfield