Chaos & Higher Order


Chaos & Higher Order

A visual odyssey of film, photography, and design. An editorial style journey deep into the psyche, expressing the nature of duality, and the continuous voyage towards unity.

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Concept, choreography, & direction: Imogen Mansfield

Illustration & costume design: Katrina Eglite

DP: Oihana Villena, Kevin Wong

Photography: Pedro Vidal, Oihana Villena, Ellen Dixon, Andy Martin

Music: David Lama (Pet Recycle)

Sound engineering: Petru Shka

Words and voice: Charlie Brook

Hair & Makeup: Anete Sukute

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The seams start to rip

To reveal the complicated pattern

Of formation within

Simple and complete when together

Beautiful and chaotic when not

Follicles raise

Rustle, as I breathe in clarity

Or calamity

You can't rush the rip

Nor stop it

Just watch as it swallows authenticity

To replace with

What is that?

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Recently, being drawn towards screen-dance as an opportunity to cultivate and curate her natural eye for composition in visual media, Imogen Mansfield embarked on the journey of directing Chaos & Higher Order, a project that brings together film, photography, spoken word, dance, illustration, music, and costume design. Chaos & Higher Order was a way to begin exploring and understanding the universe - an impossible feat. Through this project, we explore the paradoxical and radical imposing ideologies of the world.


The couture costume for Chaos & Higher Order, was created in collaboration with Illustrator and designer, Katrina Eglite. This is a one-of-a-kind couture costume, inspired and influenced by the merging styles of the two artists. The first layer of the costume is made from two recycled formal man shirts organised in other way as vest and skirt, sprayed with colour which relates to urban graffiti walls. Playing with metaphorical meaning of formal shirts, routine, mess, chaos and order. The second layer is linen kimono with illustrations as attachable pieces on top. With the goat (symbolising ceaseless energy, creativity), third eye (a state of enlightenment), gas mask (destruction), and breastfeeding (safety, improvement).

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ebb & flow

tension & release

expansion & contraction

growth & destruction

chaos & higher order

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This idea of contradiction and conflict is reflected in all aspects of the project, with all contributing artists portraying their own perception, understanding, and interpretation of these opposing commodities. Look closely though the chaos, and you’ll find small moments of unthinkable wonder. Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.

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Imogen Mansfield