A dystopian music video shot in the extraordinary Walden 7 building in Barcelona.

AGAIN is the portraiture of a lonely young woman living the same routine over and over, trapped in this huge building suddenly everything will go out of control.

Director: Eliya Akbaş
Written by: Eliya Akbaş & Alex Bacigalupo

Starring: Annick Weerts & Imogen Mansfield

Produced by: Moments Studios
Kickstarter Campaign Manager: Canan Turan

Cinematographer: Peter Kreil
Set Designer: Karina Gratze
Choreographer: Imogen Mansfield
Make-up artist: Katarzyna Legan

Music by: NoИ
Lyrics: Luisa Rossini 
Music Producers: Nicola Fanari and Luca Fogagnolo
Mixed by: Nicola Fanari @Hikosound Studios Berlin
Bass: Luca Fogagnolo 
Additional Keyboards: Nicola Fanari
Sound Design: Pierre Griscelli

Colorist: David Avecilla
Storyboard: Maya Angeli

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-12 at 23.41.14.jpeg
Imogen Mansfield