A dystopian music video shot in the extraordinary Walden 7 building in Barcelona.

AGAIN is the portraiture of a lonely young woman living the same routine over and over, trapped in this huge building suddenly everything will go out of control.

-Winner - Best Music Video, October 2018 | Berlin Flash Film Festival (GERMANY)
-Winner - Best Music Video, October 2018 | Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival (RUSSIA)

official nominations and selections:
-Nominated - Best Music Video | Prisma Independent Film Awards 2018 (ITALY)
-Finalist - Best Music Video | Short to the Point 2018, International Short Film Festival (ROMANIA) 
-Finalist - Best Music Video | Aphrodite Film Awards 2018 (NY - USA)
-Semi-Finalist - Best Music Video | Los Angeles CineFest 2019 (USA)
-Lift-Off Sessions 2018 (UK)
-Feel The Reel, International Film Festival 2018 (UK)
-TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival 2018 (UK)
-Near Nazareth Festival 2018 (ISRAEL)
-Moscow Shorts 2018, International Short Film Festival (RUSSIA)
-Bucharest ShortCut CineFest 2018 (ROMANIA)
-DMOFF - Direct Monthly Online Film Festival 2018
-DSOFF - Direct Short Online Film Festival 2018
-12 Months Film Festival 2018 (ROMANIA)
-Around International Film Festival // Barcelona Monthly Edition 2019 (SPAIN)


Director: Eliya Akbaş
Written by: Eliya Akbaş & Alex Bacigalupo

Starring: Annick Weerts & Imogen Mansfield

Produced by: Moments Studios
Kickstarter Campaign Manager: Canan Turan

Cinematographer: Peter Kreil
Set Designer: Karina Gratze
Choreographer: Imogen Mansfield
Make-up artist: Katarzyna Legan

Music by: NoИ
Lyrics: Luisa Rossini 
Music Producers: Nicola Fanari and Luca Fogagnolo
Mixed by: Nicola Fanari @Hikosound Studios Berlin
Bass: Luca Fogagnolo 
Additional Keyboards: Nicola Fanari
Sound Design: Pierre Griscelli

Colorist: David Avecilla
Storyboard: Maya Angeli

Our storyboard artist Maya Angeli (London) is behind all those incredible images that helped us create and visualize the physical and emotional world the protagonist lives in.

The director of the video is Eliya Akbaş, a French/Turkish filmmaker and photographer. He has been working on documentaries in New York and he is now based in Barcelona.

Peter Kreil is our cinematographer. Living in South and Central America, and throughout Europe has provided him with an understanding of different natures, societies and cultures. Peter is the perfect match for understanding the director's vision.

Annick Weerts will play the protagonist, the woman in the song. She is a wonderful actress from the USA and Belgium. Annick has worked on many commercials and plays.

Imogen Mansfield is our choreographer/movement director. She is originally from England UK, now living in Barcelona, and she has worked with many choreographers and artists across Europe.

Lois worked closely with Luca Fogagnolo, a Berlin-based experimental musician who released three albums for Universal Music with the Chat Noir trio, and Nicola Fanari, a sound engineer and musician who has worked for many artists and musicians from all around Europe, on the final production of the songs.

The song “Again” is about that state of frenzy and craziness produced by a constant sense of dejavu like when you feel to end up repeating over and over an unpleasant situation, with no real sense of escape.

“Again” music video is a non linear story about memories, loss and chaos. The video will show the abandonment of living in an endless city. We follow a young woman trapped in this huge dystopic building and in her day to day life and suddenly everything goes out of control.

We are really lucky to have had the chance to shoot the video in an incredible location, a huge building called Walden 7. It was made in the 1970s by the Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill. To us, it is the ideal location to visualize the song's concept. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-12 at 23.41.14.jpeg
Imogen Mansfield