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Imogen Mansfield is a movement & visual artist working, creating, and travelling throughout Europe and beyond. Imogen completed her professional dance training at Tring Park School for Performing Arts, one of the UK's leading performing arts schools. During her training, she was a prize winner for the Contemporary Dance Award, and had the opportunity to work with some of the top choreographers in Europe and the UK. After graduation, Imogen began working professionally and establishing connections with many different choreographers and artists, researching, touring, and performing throughout the UK and Europe

Imogen's current practice involves creating multimedia installations - in which she draws inspiration from the fluxus and avant-garde art movements, as well as studying prominent influences from the 1970's. She uses polaroid photography, film, dance, art design, and spoken word, to express her message of unity and peace, while also unravelling and tackling the current issues for young people in today's world. Imogen’s fiercely freethinking and individualistic perspective brings a unique quirky aspect to her work that translates into her visual installations and projects - creating multifaceted, eclectic, refreshing art.

Booking inquiries + commissions: imogenaoifeann@gmail.com